A Live-Tweeted Experience

Shortly after I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I was asked by a McColl School professor to provide live-tweet coverage for a conference. It had been a while since I had the opportunity to strengthen my social media skills, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to gain more experience, network with professionals, and learn something new from the conference.

Originally, I knew very little about the content of the conference. All I knew is it was hosted by Bank of America and a business professor had some connection to the program. A few days before the event, I received an email explaining that I would be attending the Women Driving Economic & Social Progress conference jointly hosted by Bank of America and a national nonprofit, Vital Voices. The email also contained an agenda for the conference and all appropriate hashtags and Twitter accounts for each speaker.

I must say, I was highly impressed by the level of organization from Bank of America throughout the process. Live-tweeting the Women Driving Economic and Social Change conference

I was fortunate to be offered reserved seating at the event along with other Queens University of Charlotte students who would also be contributing to the online conversation. I had a chance to network a bit, but the main experience was hearing such moving testimonies from small business owners and big name influencers including Margaret Spellings.

It was an incredible experience to say the least.

It is hard to do any justice to the conference in a simple blog post, but I feel that I captured the essence well in my Twitter coverage. A combination of images, quotations, and commentary from the presentations and discussions helped me create a cohesive narrative that not only documented the event, but also spurred discussion.

I know I am not looking for a career exclusively in social media, but this opportunity helped me develop a skill and experience storytelling in a new way. I have always enjoyed live social media coverage of events, but this experience certainly stands out among the rest.

To see my coverage of the event, please follow this link.

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