Design on a (Slightly) Larger Scale

This week, I designed a poster to promote Italian 101 to students. It started off as a smaller project — I only planned to design a basic flyer — but it grew to be a poster that I put up on one of our department bulletin boards.

Normally, I am used to designing graphics that are very informative or that contain a short announcement. This was one of the first times that I designed a poster that needed to convey bite-sized information in a strong, visual way. 

Thanks to Canva, the design worked well. I adapted one of their templates to meet my needs, replaced the images with scenes from Italy, adjusted the color scheme to better complement the images, and experimented with transparency on the first page. I also made sure the text was large enough and the colors would provide enough contrast to be legible from a distance.

I have used Canva for countless designs during my time in the World Language Department, but I am particularly proud of this design. I feel that it has strong composition, memorable information, and a design that breaks through the noise students are bombarded with on campus.

I have definitely become a stronger graphic designer this year and I cannot wait to see how my skills will continue to grow.

Why Study Italian_ flyer_Page_1

Why Study Italian_ flyer_Page_2

PDF: Why Study Italian_ flyer

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