Hi there!
My name is Jayme Keefer.
Jayme Keefer

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and let’s chat.

I am a recent graduate of Queens University of Charlotte where I earned my B.A. in Communication and also completed a minor in business. In my studies, I mastered communication theory, organizational and strategic communication, marketing, and various forms of writing. I also explored graphic design, rhetorical analysis, and art administration.

Right now, I’m living outside of Charlotte in Rock Hill, SC and loving the combination of city and small town life. Close enough to the hustle and bustle, but far enough away to have a yard. I am back at Queens as a grad student and working as the Administrative Specialist for the Department of World Languages at Winthrop University.

When I see a need, I do what I can to fill it.

After much soul-searching, I feel my purpose is to use my talents in organizational communication and peer mentoring to empower others to exceed their potential. I love helping people I work with see the world a slightly different way and watching sparks fly as they see what new things they can do.

I often say that I don’t have a passion for any one particular cause, but rather I am passionate about other people’s passions. I love to help others discover their passions and support them as they pursue their passions in any way I can. Sometimes that’s by writing a press release or developing strategic plans. Other times, it’s just being a listening ear. When I see a need, I do what I can to fill it.

If you have a need, I’d love to offer my expertise and my willingness to learn. Shoot me an email and we can get this ball rolling!