Language Recruitment Slides

When I took over the marketing for the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Winthrop University as their Administrative Specialist, I noticed their recruitment materials needed some work.

Most of the existing materials were inconsistent, outdated, visually unappealing, and contained overlapping content. When a professor needed a presentation for a recruitment event, they struggled to find the right material.

This was one of my major projects during my time in the department. To address the issue, I proposed we have one major recruitment presentation with all of the information a professor would need for any kind of presentation. This master presentation could then be cut down for individual presentations so it contained only the information pertinent to the specific audience.

With this plan, all of the slides were guaranteed to have a consistent design that met university brand standards and looked consistent across the department’s marketing efforts. It also made it easier for faculty to quickly pull together presentations without having to start from scratch or find data to back up claims.

In addition to a digital presentation, I printed some of the slides to use on a tri-fold display board for major recruitment events. The slides I chose were targeted toward an incoming freshman or early college audience who may be unaware of the benefits of a foreign language education, particularly at Winthrop.

The display board was a huge hit! The faculty loved it and said it was the most professional the department has ever looked. They also relayed comments to me after recruitment events at which several other departments admitted they wished their materials looked as professional.

By creating a more professional look, the department is better positioned to make a good impression on prospective students and their parents who are often more critical consumers than their children. A better first impression puts the department in a better place to boost enrollment — one of the department’s major initiatives.

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