Why Study Italian? Poster

Some may say that design from a template is not real design — that it is a drag and drop rather than an actual art.

I would disagree.

I find no shame in using templates and design studios such as Canva. It is a remarkable tool that gives the average person the tools they need to create professional designs quickly, easily, and cheaply.

While Photoshop and Illustrator skills are great to have, I don’t believe they are essential to being a great designer. To be a great designer, you simply need to be able to prioritize information and understand how visual cues support textual cues. From there, you can convey anything visually.

I used Canva to design this poster promoting Italian 101 courses to students who walk through the hallway outside of our department offices. Yes, it was a template, but I made design choices that made sense for the content I was trying to convey.

I replaced the images with scenes from Italy, adjusted the color scheme to better complement the images, and experimented with transparency on the first page. I also made sure the text was large enough and the colors would provide enough contrast to be legible from a distance.

These were choices I made to support my content. I did not just drag and drop my information into text boxes. I might not have started from scratch, but I still produced a unique and meaningful design.

Why Study Italian_ flyer_Page_1

Why Study Italian_ flyer_Page_2

PDF: Why Study Italian_ flyer

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