If you want to know what someone is really like, ask people who know them well. Don’t just take my word for it. Below is some feedback from co-workers, supervisors, professors, and mentors about what it was like to work with me.


Dr. Donald Friedman

Professor of German @ Winthrop University

“Ms. Keefer has brought positive energy and consummate professionalism to her role in the department. She has undertaken creation of an internet and media presence for the department as her own initiative, utilizing expertise garnered from as she completes a M.A. in communication. She has been passionate in her commitment to the department since her arrival. 

She communicates well with faculty and students in every circumstance. She has been an excellent conduit of information for faculty members and students. On her own initiative, she has established a Facebook presence for the department and has promoted programs and courses in innovative ways. 

Ms. Keefer is at once indefatigable in her efforts and kind and nurturing, especially with students.”



Jacki Keating

Public Relations Manager @ Spark Strategic Ideas

“In between her studies in Communications at Queens University of Charlotte, Jayme Keefer interned with us at SPARK Strategic Ideas in 2016. We were all very impressed with Jayme; even from the first time we interviewed her, when she expressed her eagerness to dive into the public relations world. I was particularly impressed by her initiative and drive to start learning as she quickly began grasping the inner workings of the field. She began contributing to our clients’ needs and took on research projects with enthusiasm. Jayme’s energy, assistance and overall work ethic made a big difference in the productivity level for our team.

Jayme’s work habits were excellent and in 2017 we offered her the position of a Public Relations Assistant. She was dependable, loyal and responsible, which she demonstrated through her completion and follow-through of the tasks she was given. One quality that stood out, was the way Jayme was able to multi-task—effortlessly. She was able to fulfill press and client requests while managing all the logistics involved with sendouts and event management. Multi-tasking in an office setting is a skill that often takes time for young professionals to develop, but it seemed to come naturally to her.

Jayme is very focused in developing her career in public relations through creative thinking and media engagement and I know she will have great success.”


Dr. Brandon Brooks

Communication Professor @ Queens University of Charlotte

“As a teacher and mentor to Jayme, I had her in my COM 320: Communication Research class. Jayme was an excellent student, always prepared, and went above what the expectations were for the class. Jayme was able to take complex subjects and make unique connections to develop new ideas related to those subjects.

In addition, Jayme acted as the Assistant Director for the Knight Scholars program, which is a scholarship program with a service component. Jayme scheduled, took notes, led meetings, and mentored the other knight scholars below her.”



If you would like to hear more about me from people who know me best, send me an email and I will be happy to provide you with my references and their contact information.